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Letter Lattice

An anagram-weaving puzzle game. What started as a pandemic project turned into a complex iOS game.

Tools used: Unity, Figma, FL Studio 20, Adobe Illustrator
Released: 7/2/2021

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A soothing tribute to a childhood pet.

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Polar Vortex

A minimal endless arcade game.

Exploring the possibilities of a one button game.

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Most games here take existing games and reimagine them with my own mechanical ideas. The results are mixed; some show signs of promising gameplay loops, while others fall short due to their complexity.
A new take on the Match-3 genre.
Experiments with sudoku variants in the third dimension.
Upgrade Chess
FPS "Gun Game" mode meets a tabletop classic.
Alpine Skiing Pro
A reimagining of a Magnavox Odyssey title.


The music and sound design of my games is produced and mixed inside of FL Studio 20, using a variety of synthesizers, drums, and foley libraries.
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